New SUVs That Could Become Collectible In The Future

To become a legend, everyone needs more than just popularity. A cult status is not easy to obtain even for the best-selling vehicles. We are not speaking of some kind of hall of fame, but crossovers that could become interesting to car collectors.

Oldtimers are always a nice item for show off. Its limit of availability makes these vehicles expensive and hard to find. But, what about new models? We have some limited editions of Mustang, such as Boss 429, that was in production for only two years. There were just over 1000 units out in sales.

But it is not all about the number of vehicles and price. It still needs some kind of magic, an aura that surrounds the car.

For crossovers, it is still early to become collectible. The segment is young and in its prime. But, already now we have some spectacular editions coming for next season. We believe these five will be interesting to collectors in future.