The mid-size segment in the SUV class is very versatile. You can find vehicles for everyday commuting, luxurious models with high-end technology, or family-friendly wagons with seating capacity for 7 persons. This tier combines the best features from compact and full-size segments. Mid-size SUVs perform well on the open road. Not as its larger siblings, but they still keep better fuel economy numbers. Again, not good as compact crossovers, but again, mid-size models perform better. So, everything you try to compare is between two classes. And that is why we love them.

We can make a rough selection to standard, three-row, and luxury mid-size SUVs. Well, these three segments are the most popular. We can also find few other subcategories, such as off-road models, then vehicles with 2- and 3-row configurations, or hybrids. All in all, we will make a selection of five models from each of these main categories. Let’s see which are the best representatives of their class.

2020 mid size suvs