Honda is not offering a full-size SUV. That is very strange having in mind the company is among leaders in all other classes. But, we could see the largest model soon, since the Japanese carmaker is planning some comebacks and new releases. Passport is again part of the 2020 Honda SUV lineup, and the next return could be of a famous Crosstour.

The star of the 2020 Honda SUV lineup is Pilot. This three-row mid-size model is currently the largest vehicle in the squad. The company will invest a lot in electrification. Its flagship model won’t be the first one to get a hybrid drivetrain. CR-V hybrid is already available in Europe. But, this is not all, since Honda could finally launch the Everus EV SUV. All in all, an interesting season is coming. Now, let’s see how could the 2020 Honda SUV lineup look like.

2020 Honda SUV Lineup

2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid on the Way

After the redesign for the 2019 season model, the next Pilot SUV is not taking too big cosmetic changes. In the matter of fact, the entire world – fans, experts, and rivals, are expecting to see the hybrid model out next season. Also, a plug-in hybrid is possible. The ground clearance remains the same, and if you want better off-road skills, try out the new Passport.

The base drivetrain of the new 2020 Honda Pilot will be the same V6 unit as before. Maximum towing capacity is 5,000 pounds. The interior can seat either five or seven/eight passengers. The release date of the new model and its hybrid variants will be announced soon. We can’t wait to see changes for Elite and Black Edition models.

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2020 Honda Passport Specs Update

The 2020 Honda Passport is still the fresh model launched in 2019. So, there is no need for big changes. Since it is compared to Pilot, the new SUV could also get the hybrid drivetrain for better mileage. Honda is not going to rush with its release date, which is not happening before next season.

The minor refresh could make this model more appealing. However, we could see only a few more colors and an update of interior systems and features. The high-end version is the 2020 Honda Passport Touring. Dimensions are slightly smaller than for the Pilot, and Passport offers only two-row interior layout. The third generation of the SUV will have similar specs as its bigger stablemate since they are using the same 3.5-liter engine. However, Passport’s dimensions are slightly smaller (190.5 inches compared to 194.5 inches; wheelbase 111 in for both).

2020 honda passport

2020 Honda CR-V Will Hit 400k Sales, Company Says

Already now we can say that CR-V is going to be the best-selling model in the 2020 Honda SUV lineup. In 2018 the company sold 380,000 units in the US. The fifth generation is ready for the mid-cycle refresh, and we can see first spy pictures of the new model. Well, these are not unveiling too much. But, the goal is clear – Honda wants to reach 400,000 sold units in 2020.

Well, the 2020 Honda CR-V will get a hybrid engine. That is already a big help. European and Chinese customers can already buy it. Strange, US buyers need to wait for the next season. Well, we expect different specs for a model for this market. Touring will remain at the top trim level. The compact crossover will also suffer some interior changes. Honda is going to add a few more exterior colors to refresh the lineup.

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2020 Honda HR-V – The Smallest Piece of 2020 Honda SUV Lineup

Rumors about the 2020 Honda HR-V are saying this model is getting some serious changes. First of all, mechanical. The new turbo engine will be added to improve performance. The same 1.8-liter drivetrain will serve as a base, and turbochargers will help HR-V achieve at least 200 hp. Currently, the naturally-aspirated engine is capable to deliver 140 hp. Also, the AWD version will be part of the package.

As the smallest model in the 2020 Honda SUV Lineup, HR-V is not so popular. Buyers love high outputs, safety, a lot of space. But, the main advantage of this kind of crossover SUV is its price and low maintenance cost. Still, changes on the front fascia and interior will make the 2020 Honda HR-V more attractive, especially for younger fans. Turbo model will draw more buyers that love speed.

2019 Honda HR-V spy photos

Honda Everus EV Debut, Production Starts in 2021

The production model of the Everus all-electric SUV will debut next year. The platform is ready and the company speeds up its development. The EV model will appear in the USA first, and shortly after, in China as well. The price is still a mystery, but the Everus EV will be one of the most expensive vehicles in the 2020 Honda SUV lineup if we can call it that. Well, it will arrive next year, so, why not?

Everus is the first Honda’s all-electric model that will enter production. In the next decade, the Japanese carmaker will add 20 more EVs across other segments. HR-V, CR-V, and Pilot SUVs could also get such drivetrain after they get a hybrid one. Well, the development is expensive, so the price will be significantly higher. The most expensive SUV in the current lineup is Pilot, with starting price over $33,000 and top of the class model valued Elite is just under $50,000. Details and specs of the Everus EV SUV were not unveiled. However, the vehicle will deliver stunning 0-60 mph timing and range.

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Comeback of the 2020 Honda Element is Closer

Element is one of the best crossover SUVs Honda ever made. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2011. Ever since fans are crying for the new model. Well, there are rumors telling Element is joining 2020 Honda SUV lineup. But, the company is not confirming it yet. The vehicle could take position between HR-V and CR-V. Also, speculations say that CR-V hybrid will appear in the USA as Element. There are also gossips telling the same for the Everus EV.

Whatsoever, we expect the 2020 Honda Element with an old-school design that made it famous. Boxy look and unique colors are eye-catching details. However, the vehicle needs a modernization. Interior will be packed with the latest features and safety is getting advanced systems. Hybrid will help Honda Element achieve better fuel economy numbers. Since the Element is expected to slot between CR-V and HR-V, the price of the new SUV should do the same.

2020 Honda Element

Can 2020 Honda Crosstour be the Largest SUV in the Lineup?

Another very popular SUV could come back. Crosstour used to be one of the flagship models back in the 2000s. However, after the discontinuation, it is almost forgotten. Pilot is its replacement. But now, the 2020 Honda Crosstour could come back to take the position as a full-size model. Well, the company brought back Passport already. So, there is a chance to do the same with SUVs that were much more popular in their prime – Crosstour and Element.

But, to compete with likes of Ford Expedition or Toyota Sequoia, the 2020 Honda Crosstour would need a V8 engine. The Japanese company is currently not using such drivetrain. Well, they will have to develop one if they want to join the party in the full-size segment. Whatsoever, the risk is very high, so the return of the Crosstour as a big rig is not so likely. On the other hand, the nameplate could also be used for the next EV. All these speculations don’t have a foundation from official sources. But, there are still a lot of fans believing this is going to happen.